Some handy references and food pages The Monster is often on!  And all the restaurants and food stuff places listed will ship to you…


The Monster’s trusty companion for the last fourteen years.  The website and the guides were invaluable in the exploration of Los Angeles, the restaurant scene, and myself.

Eater LA

A wonderful compendium of all things food and drink in Los Angeles.

Grub Street LA

Similar to the above, this is another site The Monster checks out every day.  GrubStreet wrote two articles on The Monster!


Always fun to get tips, suggestions and stories from other people who love food and are passionate about eating.

Wine Spectator

Growing up in the wine business, The Monster loves his vino!


Another great place to brush up on what’s happening in the world of wine.

Digesty Los Angeles

Contains a list of many great food blogs which The Monster has read for inspiration.

Favia Wines

Delicious Pinot Noir which was a sommelier recommendation at French Laundry.

Domaine Serene

Love this Oregon winery with great Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Joe’s Stone Crab

Wonderful childhood memories of going to Joe’s with grandpa.  A Miami institution.


Because who doesn’t want an absinthe lollipop?

Salsa Lizano

The national sauce of Costa Rica.  Insanely addictive.

Crawfish Monica

If you’ve been to Jazzfest you know the siren that is Crawfish Monica.  Dreams are made of this.

Rubino’s Pizza

World’s best.  End of discussion.

The Colors of Indian Cooking

A Hollywood screenwriter, a Bollywood kitchen.  Highly recommended!

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company

You want crab pot pie or lobster flatbread delivered to your door?  Of course you do.  This is the place for all your prepared seafood needs.

Blackboard Eats

Great deals on meals in a city near you!  Our friends at Blackboard Eats were kind enough to spread the word about The Monster!

Zingerman’s Deli

The only good thing to ever come out of Ann Arbor…

Le Quartier Francais

Because you find yourself in South African wine country and want an amazingly memorable meal.   Also a delightful place to stay.

Kermit’s Frozen Key Lime Pie

Do you like key lime pie?  What could be better than a piece of key lime pie dipped in chocolate and frozen on a stick?  They’ll ship these insanely good treats to your door.

Moonbrine Pickles

Some of the world’s best pickles.  Currently only available in Boston and Portland, they soon will ship directly to your home.

Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings

The original buffalo wings and sauce.  They taste awesome for breakfast!


The days of boring popsicles is over.  The Pop Shop makes ridiculous flavors like Amaretto White Peach, Avocado Vanilla, Chili Chocolate, Cranberry Clove, Mexican Chocolate, Nectarine Almond, Persimmon Pudding, and Spiced Cider!  With summer coming it’s a perfect time to try one.

Urban Spoon

Where you can find great information on Los Angeles restaurants and help The Monster move up the blog roll hall of fame!

The Daily Meal

This national site has asked The Monster to become a contributor!  Everyone should check it out!


Make personalized chocolate bars for yourself or as gifts.  And know that part of the proceeds go to worthy charities.

Turley Wine

Fantastic Zinfandels from this Templeton winery.


You like bagels?  You like Jamaica?  Try a Jamagel in flavors like papaya or ginger and nutmeg.


Because long term pursuits of seemingly insane goals are infinitely fun to read about (and run in the family), check out Divison Quest where Billy Goldberg is attempting to see all division one colleges play football before he’s 65 and along the way eat some great bbq!


This is a great national food site that ran a wonderful article on The Monster!


A place to get news on all things Los Angeles, NBC LA highlighted The Monster the day before he finished his Zagat quest.  Many thanks!

Eatocracy’s food site.  Many fantastic articles and highlights to peruse.  Including one on The Monster.

Tasting Table

More great food and restaurant content!  Sign up for the great daily emails to keep up to date.

Personalized Pez

Who doesn’t want a Pez dispenser with their face on it?  Great gifts and fun collectibles.

Lobsta Truck

The Monster loves him some lobster and this roving truck doles out lobster rolls, crab rolls and clam chowder!


Home of the terrific show “Good Food” hosted by Evan Kleiman in addition to other fantastic programming and music.  The Monster was lucky enough to be a guest.

Oyster Evangelist

A site all lovers of food should check out.  Joy Manning has put together a fanastic array of articles, insights and recipes.

Off The Couch LA

A great site for not only food related fun but a whole host of activities to help you lead an active and enjoyable life!

The Actor’s Diet

With a truly impressive amount of posts per day (it makes The Monster feel lazy!), The Actor’s Diet is a wonderful place to check out an assorted array of food specific articles.

Midtown Lunch

Showcasing low cost, high value food in Los Angeles as well as other cities across the nation, Midtown Lunch is a fantastic resource for great food that won’t break the bank.

LA Weekly/Squid Ink

In a city like Los Angeles the inveterate eater has long looked to LA Weekly for its great coverage of the dining scene.

Garagiste Wine

For the oenophile’s amongst us, be sure to check out Garagiste ( and sign up for there daily emails for amazing deals on small batch wines often focusing on organic and artisanal producers.


When it comes to documenting high end dining kevinEats is a phenomenal resource featuring both insightful thoughts on the food and fantastic photography.

Kulinary Khaos

From chef and all around badass Keith Previte comes Kulinary Khaos, a man’s view of cooking, drinking and having a great time.

Many more to come!

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