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Last night The Monster was delighted to be included as a guest at the 25th anniversary Zagat LA Awards.  Held at WP24 in the Ritz-Carlton downtown with fantastic views citywide, the awards celebrated the best of LA dining both past and present.  The Monster had the opportunity to talk with Tim and Nina Zagat, rub elbows with chefs and proprietors of the city’s finest spots and nibble on WP24 hors d’oeuvres .  He also got an early copy of the newest LA Zagat Guide which is always a bittersweet moment.  While The Monster has eaten at every restaurant in the 2011 Guide, the 2012 Guide promises new and exciting restaurants.  And of course The Monster plans on hitting each and every new restaurant and reporting back.

Some interesting stats to consider, the first LA Guide published in 1987 had only 370 restaurants (that’s not much more than a year of eating for this Monster) while today there are 2,027 places listed.  And while many restaurants come and go, some of the best of 1987 may sound familiar…Michael’s, Katsu, Spago and The Palm all were lauded back then and continue to flourish today.  A few notables no longer with us include the venerable L’Orangerie, Rex II Ristorante and Mon Kee’s.  As for the newest winners crowned last night…

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