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There’s good news/bad news folks.

The good news is I am helping launch a new restaurant called ChocoChicken which will be opening its doors in March downtown.  I have partnered with Adam Fleischman (Umami, 800 Degrees) and his AdVantage Restaurant Group and Keith Previte on a new concept that I helped developed (and they more importantly perfected) and my time and energy is focused on making that a great success.  Plus, I don’t feel comfortable being brutally honest about other restaurants when I’ve joined the game myself.  Guess it’ll soon be time for others to cheer/jeer about ChocoChicken at my expense.

EaterLA article here.

And here.

The bad news is Feed The Monster is changing.  No longer will there be reviews of the finest (and worst) restaurants in Los Angeles.  The past few years have been a blast and I have so many great memories and have loved being able to share them all with you.

From dumpling factory tours to chocolate factory tours to pickle company tours, from outrageously great meals to truly horrid ones, from being on KCRW’s Good Food to having CNN do a piece about my journey, I ate damn well and raised money for The James Cancer Hospital in honor of my father.

It has long been my dream to open a restaurant and the experience so far has been incredibly rewarding.  As one chapter ends, a new journey begins.  FTM will live on as I share this new path with you so don’t take this site off your bookmarks just yet.

As Willy Wonka opined “The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last. “

Be well and eat well.



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As the inspiration for my culinary journeys but even moreso as a kind and generous man whom I will forever look up to, I celebrate my father and his tremendous life.  His last memory will be golfing in New Zealand and getting one final par on hole number nine.


As a man who spent his life working in the food and beverage business he’s smiling that we toasted him in wine country in New Zealand and will continue to honor his memory.

Since FTM has always been jointly about the celebration of food and helping in the fight against cancer, I look forward in the near future to doing both with you again.

All my love dad,



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Given it’s the last day of the month and The Monster has no idea when this site came to be other than it was May of last year he’ll take the opportunity to thank you all for coming by.  Looking forward to another great year.


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A friendly reminder to click the Twitter and Facebook buttons to keep up to date on food happenings on FTM!

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7:47 AM The Monster wakes up with a dull hangover and a growling stomach.

8:52 AM He begins to pull himself together for the Gold Standard.  This day-long event features over fifty fantastic area restaurants along with wonderful wineries all curated by the food impresario himself, Mr. Jonathan Gold.

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The Monster has made some updates to the links page so check it out! 

KCRW home of the wonderful show “Good Food” hosted by Evan Kleiman is now on the page.  As everyone knows “Good Food” is a great resource for all things food in LA and the world around and Evan is the dynamic host, esteemed author, chef and restauranteur.   

Also included is a link to Oyster Evangelist, the terrific food site by Joy Manning.  Joy was kind enough to send The Monster a delightful email that brightened his day after his “Good Food” show aired and it elucidated how much food and sharing it with those we love means to both of us.  Joy has written a cookbook, served as restaurant critic at Philadelphia Magazine and worked at Tasting Table as senior editor. Now she’s nutrition editor at Prevention magazine.


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