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Let’s start out with the fantastic transvestite who announces when he walks in “don’t own no plane, took forevers to get here” as if anyone asked the question of where he had been or why he had not arrived sooner.  At this point The Monster is midway through his meal at Wings World and this registers as perhaps only the third or fourth most interesting occurrence of the meal.

It all started with a jonesing for wings.  And LA, sad wing world that it is, just doesn’t have a ton of truly special places to get your wing on.  A little research and The Monster is off to Wings World on Venice near La Brea.  It has all the charm of an oil change location and pretty much the same smell.  Still, the woman behind the counter is super-super friendly and the sign outside says “Best wings in town.”  Surely, that sign couldn’t lie?  Also, there is a sign outside that says in order from top to bottom “Salad” “Chef” “Tuna” “Chicken” “Garden” “Grill Chicken.”  It doesn’t make a whit of sense and that adds to the crazy “ambiance” you’ll find at Wings World.

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