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Ari Gold once said to a client on Entourage “I don’t represent people, I represent temperature.  And you’re cold.”  Such an adroit adage can be extrapolated many ways in our fair city.  Why is one club white hot one month and dead the next?  Why is one neighborhood suddenly the “it” spot only to be forgotten as the next enclave finds its footing?  Why is one restaurant jam-packed while a neighboring joint sits empty?  Often these answers have less to do with inherent quality and more to do with the endlessly fickle nature of the denizens of LA.

The Monster has been meaning to hit Villetta since its opening a few months ago in the space formerly occupied by Chez Mimi (if you follow this blog such a turn of phrase should be familiar, many of our newest haunts are born in the spaces of past restaurant failures only proving the above point).  But without reservations and staring at a forty-five minute wait, Mr. and Mrs. Monster first hit Amici a block down for a glass of wine.  Amici was near-empty despite a pleasant room, friendly staff and fine food.  Amici is cold.  Villetta on the other hand, is supersonicly hot.    And The Monster is happy to report it’s deservedly so.

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