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The Monster heads to Trois Mec.  He doesn’t love the whole ticket policy/pre-buy on the net shenanigans but he does like Ludo’s cooking and what Vinny & Jon have done with their mini-empire of dude food.

By now if your food obsessed you surely know the drill.  The space is a revamped Raffallo’s on Melrose and Highland with no sign save the one beckoning for pizza and only twenty-four coveted slots.  Two seatings per night.  Come on time or you miss courses that will not be made up (think of this as theater for your mouth).  It’s all pre-fix and only veggies can be accommodated.  Sorry vegans/gluten free.  No wine may be brought in from your personal stash.  So far this is a recipe for Monster disaster.  But how does it all play out?

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