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Playa del Rey is that little sliver of LA that everyone always forgets about.  It’s hard to get to (what with one main artery leading in).  It’s not home to much of anything besides a pharmacy you’d have no reason to go to, a few restaurants that aren’t destination worthy and bars the likes of which you can find on almost any street corner in LA proper.  In fact, many denizens of LA could go there whole lives without either knowing anyone from Playa Del Rey nor ever visiting.  Instead, PDR is that beach community past the Ballona Wetlands (whatever in fact they are).

Well, perhaps now comes reason to change that.  With Brooke Williamson (ex Beechwood, current Hudson House along with husband Rick ) at the helm of The Tripel (in the former space of subpar tapas restaurant Minotaure) this gastropub is dolling out good eats, suds and vino for a crowd willing to brave the tiny space and horrendous parking.

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