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The Kahiki right outside Bexley, Ohio was the greatest restaurant ever.  Truth.  See that picture above?  That is the Kahiki.  Huge flaming tikis and an inside that was Polynesian meets Salvador Dali acid trip. Tons of fish tanks, a rain forest and crazy music added to the effect.  Sure the food was garbage but the place was stone cold awesome.  So with great anticipation The Monster heads to the Tonga Room in San Francisco.  It’s Polynesian heaven in the basement of the Faremont Hotel.  Flaming drinks and poo-poo platters here we come.

When you walk through the hotel this feels like the last place this restaurant and bar should be.  The Faremont is old-school elegance while a tiki bar and restaurant is new school hipster palace.  The line to get in is crazy long, be wise and make a reservation for a table.

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