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Mexican food in Beverly Hills feels very much like sushi in Ohio.  It feels like Speedos on men.  It feels like excessive hair on women.  Big.  Fat.  Pass.   

And so it was with trepidation The Monster approached Taberna Mexicana.  He’d heard about Chef Alex Padilla’s pedigree at Michelin starred restaurants and his familiarity with French and Californian techniques in addition to those on offer at Taberna.  He’d looked at the menu and been impressed by the interesting ingredient pairings and the fact that no lard is used and no rice and beans are immediately on offer.  This didn’t look like El Torito.  And yet, The Monster has had sushi in Ohio, he’s seen men in Speedos, he’s gotten way too close to women with hair in places even men shouldn’t have it.  But the lure of Mexican food was too strong and so The Monster finally broke down and gave the place a shot.

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