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Harkening back to the days as a Little Monster, a trip to Sweet Rose Creamery was a necessity after dinner at Villetta.  Owned by the same people behind Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry, this Brentwood Country Mart sweets shop touts its small batch ice cream, organic ingredients and homemade toppings and cones made from scratch daily.

Whether it’s a boo-boo that mom needs to kiss or a bad day where you need a hug from your significant other, little else is guaranteed to bring smiles to faces faster than a scoop of ice cream.  Now, The Monster didn’t need an excuse for wanting ice cream, The Monster had neither boo-boos nor a bad day.  Nope, ice cream was close and The Monster was willing and able to perform his civic duty and eat some to report back to you. Continue reading

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