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UPDATE 5/20/13

Had a horrible experience over the weekend at this once promising spot.  Only one server for the entire restaurant.  Drinks took half an hour to get.  Food took almost two hours.  The manager was rude beyond belief and the place wasn’t even crowded so there are no reasonable excuses.  Will not be going back.

Why go?  You enjoy abuse.

Monster rating: 0/5 Monsters


Sunny Spot, the much feted Roy Choi’s newest in the former Beechwood space in Venice trades in his emboldened Asian flavors for a pan-Caribbean menu and vibe.  The once starkly lined room is now a playpen of color with island music blaring and a hip but relaxed crowd nibbling on his newest creations while sipping on Brian Butler’s (A-Frame) cocktail creations which lean heavily on rum.

Opening night sees the restaurant, bar and patio jammed with Choi running around the room and kitchen while his staff, already in mid-season form confidently dole out the vittles and drinks.  Akin to his other boîtes, expect some dishes to knock your socks off while others may leave you scratching your head.

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