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We all have bad days. You wake up and feel off. Something doesn’t go your way and you spend the rest of your waking hours obsessing over it. Maybe it was the way someone looked at you, or something you heard in passing or a gnawing sensation you just can’t place. And the next day you’re back in good spirits and it’s long forgotten. Last night The Monster had dinner at Steingarten LA and would love to say he thinks they were having a bad day. The place was packed and the other customers appeared to be enjoying themselves.

But the reality is The Monster doesn’t buy that theory. He thinks Steingarten LA is a mediocre gastro pub fooling people into thinking the food is good. Because nothing that was served to him came close to working. And the clientele seemed like the kind who cared more about the game on the TV and the beer being served than the quality of the food they ate.

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