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The first thing to know is Shunji is marvelous, the sort of restaurant Los Angeles so desperately needs more of.  The second item to know is the bathroom situation.  Which is marvelously horrible.  Like a ghetto bathroom off a 76 Station on the turnpike from hell in West Virginia horrible.

Taking over the Mr. Cecil’s location in West LA, a few tables and a small sushi bar are the whole of the establishment.  And as long as you don’t have to use the facilities this will be a jazz-inflected, gustatory delight.  But should nature call you must endure the ignominy of being given a key on a long spatula and a trip outside the restaurant to a narrow bathroom (outhouse?).  Handi-wipes and apologies should come with each trip.  Better yet, just hold it and savor the epicurean treasures.

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