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Where The Monster is from we sing a song called “We Don’t Give a Damn About the Whole State of Michigan.” Because Ohioans hate, loath, despise the evil state and won’t even say aloud the filthy name.  Only once have two states in our union gone to war against each other.  In that skirmish Ohio rolled mightily over the soft state and we held on to Toledo.  Granted, Toledo isn’t worth fighting over but it’s ours damnit.  So, The Monster finds himself in enemy territory and starving himself until he leaves is out of the question (it’s been seventeen minutes between meals, the shakes are coming).

Yellowtail sashimi, hot crab hand rolls, salmon rolls, cha cha rolls, hot crawfish rolls, albacore tataki, cucumber sunomono, lettuce cups with miso black cod, sea monster rolls, tuna “burgers” with fries, tuna pizza.  That’s the call at Ronin Sushi in Detroit.

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