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The name Harlem is evocative, conjuring up images of a vibrant community of music, arts and food.  Long a lover of jazz, blues and gospel, Harlem was at the music’s epicenter for quite some time.  It was a vibrant arts hub, a place to eat soulful meals and then dance the night away.  And for many years the Harlem renaissance was a thing solely of the past as the community became a hardscrabble portion of New York skipped by most.  Today, Harlem is and has been making a comeback.  Rejuvenated by new business and opportunity.  So when the possibility of at eating at Red Rooster presented itself, The Monster was in. 

It’s a hip, packed room that is a melting pot of New York. Where else besides the subway does the cross section of the city present itself more fully? Hipsters, Asian tourists, Jamaican expats, longtime Harlem denizens, The Monsters.  Even the open kitchen is a showcase in multiculturalism. African-Americans besides caucasions beside latinos.  And with a Southern inspired menu it’s a place built for The Monster.

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