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The Monster once met a person who didn’t like pizza which until that point seemed a myth much like the Yeti or the Tooth Fairy or bipartisanship in government.  Apparently, this person also didn’t like breathing and smiling and laughing and friendship because not liking pizza doesn’t make sense.  People like pizza.  It’s served at birthday parties and get-togethers and company events.  Kids clamor for it.  Adults crave it.  Which brings us to Los Angeles pizza.  Much maligned, and perhaps deservedly so, there still remains some tasty places to get your pizza fix.

Enter Pitfire Artisan Pizza.  With four locations in Los Angeles, they specialize in rustic pies with farmer’s market sourced ingredients and other fresh items often with unique twists.  There is a nice selection of pies, pastas, salads and soups along with desserts and fresh lemonade. 

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