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Pettycash Taqueria.  It’s an all-star team of heavy-hitters in the food world.   Taking over from Playa (and before that Grace) it is spearheaded by Bill Chait with Walter Manzke and Tijuana’s acclaimed Guillermo Campos Moreno from Tacos Kokopelli directing the menu.  Further, Bill Esparza, the guru behind Tacolandia, is entrenched as well.

From the giant mural outside (don’t dig it at all) to the new space that feels funky and energized (mostly dig it save the rolls of toilet paper and/or paper towels easily visible stacked on a shelf above the bar area, um, gauche and kind of gross) this is a taqueria/Tijuana/East LA/playroom/hangout/bar/communal restaurant with prices that won’t break the bank and a menu of nibbles and cocktails that already has folks lining up due to the no ressies policy (eh).   The Monster heads over ready to get down on some chow (but apparently not take great pics because el camera decides to be sans juiced batteries so get ready for some iphone fuzziness, apologies).

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