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The Monster loves a good slice of pizza. It’s comforting and delicious and reminds one of birthday parties as kids when there wasn’t a worry in the world. It’s late nights in college when you should be studying but instead you are out partying. And it’s nights as adults when you want to rekindle a little of your youth. The gooey cheese being pulled into your mouth, the piping hot tomato sauce dribbling down your chin, the mounds of toppings are all recipe for happiness.

As such, The Monster was tremendously excited to give Olio Pizzeria and Café a try. It’s a tiny space on Crescent Heights and Third Street, not much more than a few tables inside a few out and seating along the bar from which you can watch the wood burning oven at work. The menu is a select group of artisan pizzas, salads and soups.

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