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Gastropub is the term of the moment in the argot of food cognoscenti.  It’s the high end food/good drinks concept that really took off with places like Father’s Office in LA and The Spotted Pig in New York.  At the time of their opening these were revelations.  You could eat fantastic food and do it wearing shorts and your college t-shirt.  There might even be a TV playing the game above the bar.  Nowadays gastropubs are everywhere; Waterloo and City/The York/The Six/Ford’s Filling Station/Larry’s and on the list goes.

What seemed the least likely entry into the fray is Next Door by Josie.  For anyone who has been to Josie, it can be tremendous food/dead environment.  It is the antithesis of the relaxed, convivial, neighborhood spot that gastropubs aspire to be.  So The Monster gave it a go with mixed feelings going in.

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