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The Monster loves him some New Orleans grub.  A yearly trip to Jazzfest doesn’t do enough to quell the desire for delicious Southern vittles and so The Monster has long held out hope he could discover a place that comes close to evoking the specific and revelatory food, feel and flavor of a New Orleans eatery. 

Yes, there is Harold and Belle’s though that is more flecked by a regional Southern touch than solely New Orleans imbued (The Monster does have a great OJ Simpson/H&B’s story for later).  Les Sisters is a fine enough restaurant though The Monster isn’t often in that part of the valley.  New Orleans Vieux Carre is hit or miss.  Don’t say Gumbo Pot because it doesn’t cut it and the Farmer’s Market has forever been ruined by The Grove.  New Orleans Cajun Café in Hermosa Beach brought The Monster back to New Orleans on a recent trip.  Continue reading


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