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Nautika is our last meal in Dubrovnik, this charming hamlet of marble streets and narrow alleys where the clanging church bells toll out the hour.  If you close your eyes, inhaling the fresh sea air wafting past you are transported to centuries past and may forget the cruise ships docked letting off a horde of daytrippers. The square is not jammed with bad tattoos and worse fashion sense, instead it’s regal men and fashionable ladies parading down the thoroughfare.

The grande dame of restaurants in the area, Nautika has a stunning vista to look out at the fortress abutting the ridge as the moon rises above the sea.  Romantic and picturesque, the al fresco dining is complimented by a menu that pays homage to its Croatian roots while forging ahead into the here and now.  Seafood and meat dishes dominate the menu which includes three separate chef’s tastings.

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