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The Monster loves him some Peruvian food.  Back in August when he and Mrs. Monster traveled to Peru the food was often times other-worldly.  A wildly eclectic flavor palette, interesting and fresh ingredients, this was a trip of serious gustatory delight.

And so it has become near obsession to find a place in LA that begins to approximate those flavors.  Picca just doesn’t cut it for The Monster even though that menu is as close to what he saw in Peru as our city allows.  Most Peruvian in LA seems a dumbed down version of what you might get in Cusco or Lima.  Delicious as it might be, it is still Peru by way of America.  And so The Monster, a true fan of Mo-Chica when it was but a stall in Mercado Paloma, decides to give Ricardo Zarate’s other Peruvian downtown a whirl hoping for the best.

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