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Torrance is ugly.  The Monster knows this because Mrs. Monster refuses to use Google Maps or Mapquest for directions.  Instead she likes to call a restaurant and ask for directions which has never worked and on this trip leads us to Rancho Palos Verdes.  Awesome.  So now we backtrack through the whole of Torrance to reach our destination.  And Torrance is super ugly.  But super ugly often equals super great food.  The Monster is hungry and wants to hit up Mariscos El Salto and see how it stacks up to Marsicos Chente.

Finally arriving at the correct nondescript strip mall The Monster’s about to put a hurting on some Mexican seafood.   It’s a decidedly ugly place, with the requisite mural on the wall (mountain with a rainbow!), the mirrored wall (look, it’s me!) and the television playing NFL football (trifecta!).  That the jukebox plays at an insane level, like Chuck E Cheese loud and the flies divebomb you only add to the certain je ne sais quoi.  That The Monster’s camera is completely dead only rachets up the annoyance level. 

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