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The Monster’s grandmother Lee Blumenthal was the kind of improbable success story that television movies were once based on (when they made television movies).  A German Jew, she lost most of her family to the holocaust and arrived in America not knowing a word of English.  Taking a factory job, she refused to leave the floor for lunch breaks or even to go the bathroom for fear of losing her employment.  Her foreman told her (with a smile) if she did not take breaks she would be fired.

She ended up teaching herself English at night, sending herself to and graduating from Northwestern before owning and running a successful furniture business after her husband’s untimely death.  Along the way she raised two successful children one of which is Mama Monster.  With all of her accomplishments, Lee Blumenthal could not cook and anything she tried to make (undubitably boiled in a bag or dethawed from the freezer) you could be sure would provide you with new levels of tastelessness. And that was on a good day.   The Monster started thinking about her as he travels on Lufthansa Airlines.  The flagship air carrier of Germany.  And for one evening, the home of The Monster’s dinner.

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