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The Fourth of July holiday found Mr. & Mrs. Monster heading to Paso Robles.  Traveling up the coast we managed to hit ten different spots (Los Olivos Wine Café, Cracked Crab, Bistro Laurent, Il Cortile, Farmstand 46, Deborah’s Room, Villa Creek, Artisan, Madonna Inn Coffee Shop and Moqueca) which means The Monster now weighs 456 pounds and he’ll be reporting on each over the course of the week.

First stop on Saturday was Los Olivos Wine Café.  Made famous in the movie Sideways, this is both a café and wine store carrying over five hundred different wines.  Since it was nine thousand degrees outside Mrs. Monster decides she wants to eat on the patio and watch The Monster sweat.  Luckily, from this vantage point The Monster can see all the Mercedes drive by.  By his estimation eleven cross his path over the course of lunch.  One specific Mercedes drives by five times.  Given Los Olivos is essentially one street The Monster is not sure if this constitutes a Fourth of July parade or if he should be worried about a drive-by.      

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