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Latitudes Thai is the type of place on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica you could pass by all your life and never know it’s there.  On an ugly stretch near body shops, fast food restaurants and stores that advertise they are open to the public (which means the public has no need to ever come), this is a surprisingly good Thai restaurant that won’t make you forget anywhere in Thai Town, or Cholada in Malibu for that matter, but will do nice work in satisfying a craving for tom yum, pad see ew or even on occasion dishes that go beyond the normal Westside delivery Thai.

The inside is nicer than many of the other ethnic locales dotting this neighborhood but everyone knows that’s not saying much.  On this occasion the annoying television in the far wall is playing a nature show on insects preying on other insects.  It is either the coolest or most repulsive show ever to play while The Monster is dining.  He’s going with coolest.  What that spider just did defies explanation.

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