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The adage holds food tastes better when you’re on vacation.  The Monster has been fortunate to travel all over the world and what may be true in Africa may not be the same in Cambodia.  Jose Ignacio and Punta del Este may be neighbors but they are world’s apart (with JI being an altogether better place).  So as The Monster begins his jaunt through Europe he wonders what the food horizons will hold…

La Terazza dell’Eden at the Eden Hotel in Rome is where the gods dine, so trumpets the menu.  It’s a one star Michelin restaurant with a splendid view of the city afforded out the 6th floor windows.  A room done up in shades of grey that exudes class is only further enhanced by the service that is spot on.  It wouldn’t be altogether out of place in the Viceroy save the clientele is more well heeled and the prices more astronomically high.

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