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There is a certain type of Chinese food The Monster was raised on. While it combined elements of Szechwan, Mandarin and Cantonese cooking, in his head The Monster always thought of it as dirty, New York style Chinese food. Thick, crunchy fried eggrolls (not the more delicate/crap style favored in LA), pungent hot and sour soup, cold sesame noodles drowning in peanut sauce and General Tso’s Chicken. There was not one thing authentic about it but that didn’t mean it wasn’t delicious. Every Sunday night the whole family would gather for a meal where too many plates were ordered and shared. And then we’d all go home and complain.

While San Gabriel Valley undoubtedly serves up the best Chinese and Dim Sum around, the urge often hits to satisfy this particular hankering. And when it does The Monster makes his way to Hu’s Szechwan.

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