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Here is how much The Monster knows about El Salvador: It’s in Central America.  San Salvador is the capital.  And…that about covers it.  Which brings The Monster to Gloria’s.  A Salvadoran and Mexican restaurant on Venice Boulevard in Culver City.  Perusing the menu and it’s fairly standard Mexican restaurant fare with a few twists.  Perhaps Salvadorans eat much the same cuisine as Mexicans.  That would be useless bit of El Salvador knowledge #3. 

Here’s the skinny: The service is exceedingly friendly.  The kind where you walk in and are treated like a regular.  The Monster loves that.  Lots of smiles.  Lots of conversation.  People who take pride in their restaurant.  The décor is ugly Mexican restaurant.  Which means kitsch and fun.  The prices are reasonable.  There is a parking lot.  There is a bar that beckons for a night The Monster won’t remember.  Lots of reasons to frequent Gloria’s.

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