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Abbott Kinney, that cornucopia of a boulevard bewitching any and all who walk its length with its boutiques, specialty stores and high end restaurants and bars.  The Monster loves it.  And one of the reasons is an incongruous little corner known as Glencrest BBQ.

A holdover from when Venice truly was dangerous (and sure, pockets of it still are), Glencrest is a sliver of a joint around for over thirty years with barely enough room for the food to be prepared, a stool or two to sit inside and a table or two to snake out the door.  On a stretch known for hip and cool, Glencrest is unabashedly simple, unpretentious and downright awesome for surviving amidst the washed and tanned and buffed masses.  So when the mood strikes for catfish, fried chicken, pulled pork or hot links at a ridiculously low price, The Monster says head to Glencrest.

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