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Sandwiches have been the muse for great poets (true, Shel Silverstein).  They have been the principal cause for murder (true, a pending case in Cincinnati involving a meatball sandwich which lead to not one but two deaths).  And sandwiches have helped start wars (true, World War I, which left thirty-five million dead).  So is it a surprise The Monster searches far and wide for delicious sandwiches?  And he has found one…

Fundamental LA resides in a narrow space on Westwood Boulevard just south of Wilshire.  The Monster has been looking forward to his visit and samples a salad (eh) and a brownie (blah) but he’s not going to waste anymore time writing about that nor spend much space devoted to the order-at-the-counter-and-take-a-seat-in-the-spare-but-hip-space.  He could laud the team that has worked at such esteemed restaurants as Cyrus, Per Se and Melisse.  Instead, read on to find out about a sandwich worthy of the gods… 

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