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In The Monster’s mind Del Frisco’s Grille (now open in Santa Monica) is an upscale version of TGI Friday’s for clientele who would never want to step foot in such a place (like The Monster).  Others in LA are working with the same playbook (South Beverly Grill, Houston’s, Truxton’s).  And that’s a-ok in this guy’s mind.

You come to this mini-chainlet (locations in Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix, NY, DC and more on the way) for solid American bar food in a setting that could work for a casual date or business meeting.  You know there will be ahi tacos and kale salad and burgers so you won’t have to worry if the menu works for the table.  You know service will be friendly and the prices won’t leave you calling your accountant afterward.  And you know you will leave happy enough, though always wishing for a bit more.

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