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Buffalo chicken mac n’ cheese with Craftsman 1903 buffalo beer whiz, blue cheese, chicken breast, crispy chicken skin (two orders); buttermilk fried chicken with roasted corn aioli (two orders); rosemary buffalo chicken wings (x12); grilled broccoli with Craftsman 1903 beer whiz; duck fat fries with smoked salt, sweet onion sugar, duck skin cracklins, raspberry mustard topped by duck confit; brussel sprouts with white truffle oil and toasted almonds (two orders); catfish and chips beer-battered in Cismontane Citizen, shrimp gumbo tartar sauce; Beer Belly grilled cheese quad deck 4×4 with cheddar, gruyere, asiago, goat cheese, bacon, maple syrup; deep fried Oreos with nutella, vanilla ice cream (two orders); deep fried Twinkies with strawberry puree, vanilla ice cream.  Assorted beers, two bottles of red wine.

That is the order at Beer Belly in Koreatown (on this night that’s pretty much the entire menu).  The Monster f-ing loves it!  Would marry it and have high calorie kids with it if not for Mrs. Monster.  Would write sonnets about it if that were not weird…

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