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When you open a new restaurant and you’re looking to establish yourself the very first item of business absolutely should be to buy horribly uncomfortable metal chairs.  It sets an insta-mood of “patrons, do not dare come here, this is not a comfortable place to eat and relax.”  Such is the case with Barlo, the new addition to the Erwin Hotel in the erstwhile Hash space.  Did anyone from the restaurant sit in these monstrosities?  Did anyone in the hotel give them a go? Has anyone in the world sat in these pathetic attempts at chairs?  The only thing more uncomfortable than the chairs would be if they added arm and leg straps and had electricity coursing through them.

Which is a shame because The Monster took a sneak peak at Barlo and while it’s still in its infancy and dishes are hit or miss, it does strike one as another potential spot in this burgeoning corner of Venice (Larry’s, Venice Ale House, the soon to be open Dry Tour).

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