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The Monster loves condiments.  His refrigerator is a United Nations of sauces, dressings, mustards, oils, marinades, ketchups and pastes.  You’ll find Salsa Lizano the insanely addictive national sauce of Costa Rica; Sur Le Quais Moutarde Au Jus De Truffle limited edition truffle mustard imported from France and used sparingly due to its scarcity and cost which rivals that of gold per ounce; Original Anchor Bar Buffalo chicken wing sauce because everything tastes better Buffalo-style; Pickapeppa for days when The Monster yearns to return to his life in Jamaica; Asian Chili Garlic when speaking or breathing within a few feet of anyone is not necessary.

And until The Monster visits Baco Mercat he can’t even conceive it possible to find fault with a dish’s condiment usage.  But alas, the day has come for him to admit that sometimes too much sauce ruins a good thing.

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