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What do The Gorbals restaurant and Mr. and Mrs. Monster have in common?  Weirdly, a lot more than one would suspect.  For the restaurant is in all pretence akin to the love child of The Monster and his wife.  A Scottish/Jewish amalgamation, that’s The Monster’s marriage as well.  A nice Jewish boy like The Monster marrying a Nice Scottish gal like Mrs. Monster.  Or in the case of The Gorbals, bacon wrapped matzoh balls and latkes with smoked apple sauce. 

Driving from Santa Monica to downtown wasn’t even the usual exercise in futility during rush hour given this was restaurant #20 in the final countdown to finishing the Zagat Guide.  Neither Mrs. Monster falling asleep in the car due to jetlag nor the Prius one car ahead plastered with annoying bumper sticker aphorisms declaring the “occupant’s children future presidents” and a desire to save the entire pantheon of “endangered species” could quell The Monster’s good mood.

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