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One of the benefits of being absolutely, certifiably crazy, as The Monster must be for undertaking a fourteen year, near two thousand restaurant odyssey, is that adventure awaits at every turn. Too often in Los Angeles we define ourselves by regimented ideas of who we are based on where we live. We are a populace proud of saying things like “I don’t go west of the 405” or “I’d never live in the Valley.”

Reservations at Houstons on a Friday night make many people happy. The Monster likes Houstons. Once a year it’s a fine place to eat spinach and artichoke dip and a piece of cedar plank salmon. Once a year. The other 364 days are a call to experience something new and exciting, a reason to be in places like Monrovia or City of Industry or this weekend…Ventura. With three Zagat restaurants left in Ventura this was going to be a breakfast, lunch, dinner excursion. First stop, Cafe Nouveau. Zagat restaurant #16!

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