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Driving through the mountains on the way to Montrose at twilight reminds The Monster how transcendently beautiful Los Angeles can truly be.  We’ve got it all.  Oceans and beaches, mountains and desert, thriving arts and happening restaurants.  From the home base in Santa Monica, Montrose is essentially on the moon.  Take the 10 East to the 110 North to the I-5 North to the CA-2 North to the 210 East and get off at Verdugo Boulevard and head left, taking another left on Verdugo Road.  Thirty miles away and fighting rush hour the entire time.  So yes, Bashan is on the moon.  But it is Zagat meal #13 on the final leg! 

The restaurant itself is a blink and you miss it affair made up of one long, narrow, dimly lit room.  At first blush it is good looking but upon closer inspection it’s a bit of a slapdash stab at urbane cool.  Still, not an unpleasant place to be.  Decent music piped in, an accommodating waiter, and a menu that’s piqued the interest of The Monster mean it holds much promise.

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