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Pico Rivera is home to final Zagat restaurant, #11 Dal Rae!  And absolutely nothing else worth mentioning.  Southeast of downtown, the drive to this haunt established in 1958 will see you passing local unions for plumbers and welders, block wide stores selling palettes, meat distributors and a twenty-four hour adult bookstore.  If any of this is of interest to you The Monster assuredly believes you’re on the wrong site.  Pretty country this is not.

First blush of Dal Rae from the street.  Awesome.  Time machine.  Classic building, old school sign, valets at the ready.  This portends for greatness.  First blush of Dal Rae from inside.  Oh lord.  Help.  Wow.  Clientele from 1958, menu from 1964, a room straight out of 1973, a soundtrack wreaking of 1986 (please turn off the Toto), horrid plants from 1994 and prices reflective of today.  How this will end is anyone’s guess.

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