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Playing the fourteen year, two thousand plus restaurant Zagat game has included numerous ups and downs. One of the bumps in the road occurred last year when the new guide came out. Only forty-four restaurants away from finishing the 2010 edition, The Monster was positive 2011 would prove easy. Flipping through the guide The Monster was dismayed to find it added far-flung places for the first time like Ojai, Ventura and Catalina Island. The Zagat guide added a (curse, curse, curse, swear, swear) island two hours away by boat.

Forty-four restaurants rocketed back to one hundred and three. The Monster was in a foul mood for days.  And so it’s with excitement (and a bit of resentment) Mr. & Mrs. Monster head to Catalina for the weekend to hit the five restaurants now listed in the 2011 Zagat Guide. Having never been to Catalina, the ferry ride over is mostly monotonous save the school of dolphins that accompany us for a bit of the trip. When we dock it’s a quick trip to drop off luggage and then head straight to Armstrong’s Fish Market & Seafood Restaurant, final Zagat meal #8!

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