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The Monster loves eating out. It’s a pilgrimage with the hopes of great food and service united by wonderful company and conversation.  And yet, these dreams are often dashed by restaurants that forget it is the customer who is king.  So what are some of the worst complaints about restaurants?  Here’s a sampling.  If you have others, please chime in!

Estimated wait time is thirty-three minutes

Like all airlines, the DMV and the 800 number for cell phone companies, restaurants that make you wait an inordinate amount of time don’t deserve patronage.  If you book an 8pm reservation the expectation is you will be seated at that time.  Fifteen minute wait on a busy night, understandable.  Half hour wait and they buy you a drink, fine.  Anything past that is egregious and the sign of mismanagement and an establishment that cares more for the underlying dollar than pleasing its patrons. 

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