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Over two thousand restaurants and fourteen years in the making…

The Monster is on his final leg to finish eating at every restaurant listed in the Los Angeles Zagat Guide. In fact, The Monster will be finished in less than two weeks! And while this began perhaps as a lark it took on greater import when in 2003 Papa Monster, who provided The Monster with his love of food, was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer. Having never smoked a day in his life and despite working in the wine and spirits business never being a drinker, the news was shocking and the prognosis not good.

Blessed, he lives on doing the things he loves; golfing, traveling and being with his family. Cancer stole much of his voice and his ability to eat and drink forever but he remains an inspiration. And the reason The Monster has continued his pursuit of what at times seemed an impossible goal.

In honor of Papa Monster and the final Zagat meal, The Monster wishes to thank all the wonderful people so far who have generously donated money for cancer research to The James Cancer Hospital where Papa Monster received his treatment!  If others would like to contribute please email The Monster ( for the details.

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