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Are you the educated sort?  Can speak passionately about the merits of one fried chicken versus another, love to stop at the museum for the Turrell exhibit and talk shop on your favorite Lautner or Soriano over a coffee break.

Have you always wanted to further your education, photography or dance or Middle-Eastern cooking but didn’t know where to find the best classes, how to make sure your time would be well spent, and ultimately enjoy yourself in the process?

The Monster is happy to fill you in on CourseHorse, out of New York and now offering its well-curated collection of thousands of courses spanning interests in Los Angeles.  Having spoken with the fellas behind this venture, CourseHorse takes the guessing out of the equation.  They vet every company, they stand behind their offerings and they will help you should any problems arise.  Further, they reward your erudite leanings by offering discounts on further classes you take.

So, you want to learn Serbian, have your kids take Capoeira or launch your acting career, check out CourseHorse for the best LA has to offer.

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