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There’s good news/bad news folks.

The good news is I am helping launch a new restaurant called ChocoChicken which will be opening its doors in March downtown.  I have partnered with Adam Fleischman (Umami, 800 Degrees) and his AdVantage Restaurant Group and Keith Previte on a new concept that I helped developed (and they more importantly perfected) and my time and energy is focused on making that a great success.  Plus, I don’t feel comfortable being brutally honest about other restaurants when I’ve joined the game myself.  Guess it’ll soon be time for others to cheer/jeer about ChocoChicken at my expense.

EaterLA article here.

And here.

The bad news is Feed The Monster is changing.  No longer will there be reviews of the finest (and worst) restaurants in Los Angeles.  The past few years have been a blast and I have so many great memories and have loved being able to share them all with you.

From dumpling factory tours to chocolate factory tours to pickle company tours, from outrageously great meals to truly horrid ones, from being on KCRW’s Good Food to having CNN do a piece about my journey, I ate damn well and raised money for The James Cancer Hospital in honor of my father.

It has long been my dream to open a restaurant and the experience so far has been incredibly rewarding.  As one chapter ends, a new journey begins.  FTM will live on as I share this new path with you so don’t take this site off your bookmarks just yet.

As Willy Wonka opined “The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last. “

Be well and eat well.



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When The Monster first arrived in LA (right about the time when these newfangled things called automobiles were introduced but definitely before the advent of selfies and memes) he lived on the border of MDR/Venice in a place best remembered for the mirrored closets that never opened properly and ants that took up residence in the kitchen and never left.  He had a horrid job that involved a Chevy S-10 pick-up with no air conditioning, a worse haircut and nothing even close to resembling a life.

Right across the way was a place called Killer Shrimp.  A place The Monster would hobble over to in order to escape the drudgery of his life and eat said killer shrimp while quietly mumbling to himself.  It is one of if not the first places The Monster ever remembers eating at in LA.  And so it is fitting that the very last restaurant to be covered on FTM (more on this later) is Killer Shrimp.

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