In need of a great, satisfying lobster roll before leaving Maine, The Monster drags himself over to The Porthole Restaurant despite not being the least bit hungry.

On the water, views of the boats in harbor on this grey November day, it’s warm inside and filled with people at the bar watching football, digging on food like steamers and chowder and having a beer.





A lobster roll with drawn butter is the order.  You can have yours on a hot dog bun or brioche, buttered or mayo’d.  And for those landlubbers, people say the chicken wings are pretty damn good as well.

Probably two minutes later…

…and bam!  This is what The Monster is looking for.  Huge, overflowing with meat, served with tasty fries and a crunchy pickle. This is why you come to Maine even if you shiver all day long (mind you, it is not THAT cold but The Monster is a long time removed from Chicago and Ohio).


Is it the best lobster roll you can find in the city?  Maybe not. Is it the salvation The Monster needs before he leaves Portland?  Absolutely.

Why go?  You have needs.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

20 Custom House Wharf
Portland, ME 04101

(207) 780-6533

Porthole Restaurant & Pub on Urbanspoon


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2 responses to “REVIEW: THE PORTHOLE

  1. Great article, nice pic of the lobster roll! If it’s not the “best lobster roll” in Maine..where is The Best? This one has a lot of meat, and it’s always nice to get a “crunchy” pickle:) Nice!

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