You’re in Hollywood looking for a swank place to sit outside, have a craft cocktail or glass of wine on a beautiful patio while nibbling on Italian treats.  Or maybe you want to sit inside in a beautiful room while sharing a lovely pizza.  And so you are looking for Aventine.

This Hollywood hotspot (DJ’s on the weekends, a more relaxed vibe during the week), recently invited The Monster out for night to sample their Italian fare and so without further adieu, a look at Aventine…



The evening starts off with the Aventino – a meatball stuffed with mozzarella, basil pesto, golden raisins over soft polenta.  The Monster takes a little nibble and saves the majority for his dining companion who happily wolfs it down, smile on his face.


Cozze e Vongole is the next call.  Steamed mussels and clams, white wine, garlic, pickled ginger, fresh tomato broth.  A straightforward interpretation that works, the pickled ginger a particularly nice touch.


A Margherita pizza is a must.  And for this alone you will want to check out Aventine.  It is delicious, a gloriously flavorful sauce, mounds of mozz, tomato and basil.  A true winner.


Lastly, there is branzino.  This version is filleted tableside, served alongside roasted potatoes and vegetables all topped by a white wine citrus vinaigrette.   Always a fan of branzino, this version delivers.


All in all, a lovely evening at Aventine and surely a place to check out for those looking for new spots to hit in Hollywood with friendly service, fair prices and a lovely setting!

1607 North Cahuenga Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 500-0969

Aventine Trattoria - Hollywood on Urbanspoon

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