This locally sourced co-op restaurant is your place to come in Portland for good eats, fair prices, a gaggle of families with kids and a ton of dreads.  While you’re eating your organic/sustainable/sprouty meal enjoy the patchouli and the din of children happily running about.  It’s a good scene.

The aesthetic and vibe here is apparent early in from the map of Maine detailing were the food you are going to eat is from.  The Monster spends a few minutes checking it out and has to say he loves the idea of eating food that hasn’t had to be shipped across the country (if not the world).  Sure it might be all sorts of hippy but The Monster once had dreads himself…






A BBQ chicken sandwich with pickles, cheddar and onion is the call along with the salad of the day at this counter order.

Take your seat in the eclectic room (couches, kids area, piano and guitar, artwork for sale) and soon enough you’ll be digging in.

You may get a soup, a wrap, a salad, a sandwich or an entree knowing the food you eat comes from the surrounding land, farmers and producers.

The sandwich is all sorts of tasty, the pickles a wonderful counterpoint to the sweetness of the BBQ. Even the salad, which looks incredibly healthy and slightly boring proves refreshing and delicious with fruit added to the rice salad for a nice bit of punch.


Once done bus yourself (it is a co-op after all) and get a cookie to go (peanut butter chocolate is the order) as you cruise through downtown and check out the art museum, the Wadsworth-Longfellow House and other attractions.


Why go?  You support your community.

Monster rating: 3½/5 Monsters

649 Congress Street

Portland, ME 04101


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