Let’s say your downtown.  It’s lunch time.  You’re hungry.  You want to eat a huge bowl of wonton soup and be surrounded by policeman as you do it.  Why?  Who know?  You’re like that.  And maybe you’re with someone who wants a hamburger.  And another person wants corned beef hash.  This is tricky.  And you think to yourself, wow, how will this ever come to be?

And then you end up at Uncle John’s Cafe and your wonton/policeman/hamburger/hash dreams are realized.



The place is short on atmosphere and you aren’t here for the service (which is fine if not a little brusque).  You are here for a menu of standard issue/Americanized Chinese food along with diner options.

Since you’re hungry you order egg rolls and a side of broccoli in addition to the soup.

The egg rolls are massive affairs, New York style (thick and fried) and served with a decent hot mustard (you have to ask for it) that’ll have your nose tickling. The broccoli is fine but you really didn’t need it.



And then the soup arrives and it too is massive and quite tasty.  Lovely wontons, tons of noodles, and comes with your choice of chicken, shrimp, beef or chasu.  It’s old school Chinese and sometimes that’s all you need.


You slurp down your lunch happily and belly full, promise to come back to try out some chow mein and chop suey.

Why go?  You’re in a soup mood.

Monster rating: 3/5 Monsters

834 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017

(213) 623-3555

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