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The Monster wants chicken pot pie.  And he has not been to The Grill on the Alley in awhile.  And so…

He settles into one of their classic booths, orders an Arnold Palmer and a soup to start and smiles.

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Old Sasabune…

Now Maru, sadly empty…

But pretty tasty.

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Neopolitan pizza is all the rage in LA these days and Settebello, a mini-chainlet, has set up shop in a horrible location in a terrible Marina Del Rey mall.  That’s the bad news.

Well, also bad news, The Monster wants soup (there is only one on the menu) and they don’t have any soup on this day.  No soup for you.  Now, on to the good…

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Mastro’s is just all class.  From the friendly confirmation call to the classic, clubby rooms, from the delicious food to the sterling and warm service, they pretty much get it all right.

Now, you are paying for this via your second mortgage.  So know that.  But if you are a steak or seafood lover this is one of the gold standards and worth knowing your kids will no longer be able to go to college because you drained the account for caviar and a bone-in filet.  Listen, community college is good too.

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Dim sum for breakfast pretty well assures that your day is going to be off the charts.  It’s kind of like rainbows and puppies and mermaids, pretty well perfect in and of itself.  And here’s the thing, the dim sum only has to be pretty good, not even approaching magical for that all day shiny smile.

Enter MingHin Cuisine.

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Sometimes where the story comes from isn’t as interesting as the fact that there is a story at all.  Because in the case of The Monster, his deep love of Southern food, his fascination with all things fried, his constant need for crunchy chicken and battered foodstuff makes no sense at all.  A northern white kid with no roots whatsoever anywhere south of O-hi-ya, with parents who don’t share his taste buds for such fare, well, how did that happen?

No clue. But it did.  And so it is with great anticipation that The Monster visits Parson’s.  Time to get at it…

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Time for a little brunch and since The Monster has given a go to Bangers and Lace (hit) on one corner and Black Bull (miss) on the other it’s time to give Carriage House a go between them.

Right off the bat three things to say.  Love the Southern-inflected menu.  Love the warm and kind service.  Love sitting outside.

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