So we all know West Side Thai pretty well is like ordering sushi in Iowa or Italian in Ohio.  It’s always been kind of a non-starter.  And yet you still do it because Thai Town isn’t always a possibility and you need to quench the hankering.  And then you always end up a little more unsatisfied than you wish.

So you read about Pan Kam and how it is bringing a taste of Thai Town to Culver City.  The menu features some harder to find delicacies that only North Hollywood seems to have and so maybe, maybe this will be your new place.



First impressions, this off the beaten path (Sepulveda mall attached to a gas station) location seems better built for take-out or delivery, what with its limited tables and hodgepodge décor.  But everyone seems ultra friendly and you really just want some comfort food, grey day and grey mood will do that to you.

So you consider some tom yum goong, you think about papaya salad, there is a possibility of pad see ew.  But you end up with chicken satay because you need peanut sauce in your life and crab fried rice because well, it is crab fried rice.

As the television drones on and the staff prepares some delivery cartons you play on your phone and dream the impossible, that this will be really great.

The rice is the first to arrive and while it doesn’t feature a ton of crab (drats), it is actually really tasty.  It has richness to it and nuanced flavors that almost all the dry, tasteless fried rices on the Westside do not feature.  If this has more crab in it you’d go so far as to say you’d make the trip out for it alone.

Then the skewers come and well, they aren’t so great.  A weird peanut sauce that tastes off and chicken that in certain bites is overdone and in others underdone.  Is that even possible?  Still, The Monster eats it.  He is hungry.  He is here.


And so, while Pan Kam might be step above some of the other pretenders in the area, the search for the soul-stirring Thai of TT continues.

Why go? Proximity wins.

Monster rating: 2½/5 Monsters

3970 Sepulveda Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90230

(310) 391-7152


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2 responses to “REVIEW: PAN KAM THAI

  1. G. Ed.

    you wrote, “chicken that in certain bites is overdone and in others underdone. Is that even possible?” Yes. If they freeze their raw chicken and it doesn’t thaw evenly, then in the cooking process, parts of each piece were colder than others to begin with and so would take longer to cook
    nger to cook longer to cook longer to c

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